MICRO sub 3 |Audica Professional
  • MICRO sub 3 |Audica Professional
  • MICRO sub 3 |Audica Professional

MICROsub 3 |Audica Professional

€ 535,00

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For applications requiring extended, higher level bass performance, such as an Audio-Visual system playing back film material, the 
MICROsub 3 can be added to the main loudspeakers and carefully tuned just to add extended bass and not confuse the critical mid-band.

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With all of the MICROseries loudspeakers, aesthetics have been a prime consideration. This starts with the family look, which is softly shaped to merge into the environment. Secondly with the selection of materials, which have to be acoustically excellent but also provide for flexibility of design and quality of appearance. The MICROsub 3 incorporates a full amp-panel cover to ensure it looks good from all angles and prevent access to controls and electrical connections. It also has a steel mesh grille under the aesthetic cloth cover.


Equally important for aesthetics, and speed and quality of installation, are the fixings and brackets. The MICROsub 3 is supplied with its own mounting bracket which allows flush mounting to walls or ceilings.

MICROsub 3


Afmetingen (BxHxD)
228 x 323 x 470 mm
12 kg
Volume (gain) ; Phase ; cut-off frequency
Luidspreker units
1 x 200 mm woofer
2 x line level RCA ; 2 x speaker level binding posts
2 x line level RCA
Phase adjustement
0 - 180°
40 Hz - 200 Hz
Aangeraden plaatsing
free standing or wall mountable