JJ243 | JJ Electronic
  • JJ243 | JJ Electronic
  • JJ243 | JJ Electronic
  • JJ243 | JJ Electronic
  • JJ243 | JJ Electronic
  • JJ243 | JJ Electronic

JJ243 integrated tube preamplifier| JJ Electronic


(€2,990.00 stuk)

The JJ243 is a high quality preamplifier intended for customers listening to signal sources with linear outputs and for owners of turntables. 

Top plate
Wooden front
Transformer cover
Delivery in 2 - 3 weeks

The JJ243 has three line inputs and one Phono input. Selection of inputs is done by a switch located on the upper panel. Input switching is carried out by top quality signal relays, with an independent relay for every channel. The phono input has gain sufficient to connect both MM and MC turntables (from 0,5mV). The user can select load resistance (10 - 2200Ohm) for MC inputs and capacitance for (100 - 570pF) for MM inputs via knobs located on the back panel.

Corrector RIAA is passive. The electrolytic capacitors of JJ Electronic production are bypassed with high quality polypropylene capacitors.

Filament voltages are of DC-type. All capacitors in the signal path are of polypropylene type. E88CC tubes of JJ Electronic production, used in JJ243, showed the lowest level of microphone among all E88CC brands specially tested for this application. A high quality ALPS potentiometer is used in volume control. JJ243 has three outputs and their selections depend on used audio equipement. The signal on the first output is amplified and its level is adjustable. The second output signal is nog amplified but its level is adjustable. The third output is neither amplified nor adjustable, going directly from signal relays of the input switch. The power source is an integral part of JJ243, but is placed on the upper side. Also, the power line transformer is placed inside the shielded box. This design guarantees low interference as of an independent power source.


Data sheet

340 x 180 x 380 mm
10 kg
Remote Control
Input sensitivity
line: 3,15V
phono: 0,5 - 10mV
Input Impedance
line: 50 kOhm
phono: 10 ohm - 2200 ohm MC or 47kOhm/100pF - 520pF MM
Output impedance
output 1: 5 kOhm
output 2 and 3: 50kOhm
3 x RCA line (unbalanced)
1 x phono MM/MC
output 1: regulated amplified
output 2: regulated not amplified
output 3: unregulated not amplified
Phono input
Signal-Noise Ratio
greater than 68dB (MM, MC)