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Albergo Plus DAB+/FM Radio - FREE cabinet | Tivoli Audio

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The Albergo DAB/DAB+/AM/FM table radio is easy to use. The front panel controls are minimal and straightforward. In moments you can tune the radio, set the dual alarms, and activate the sleep timer without reaching for the manual. Accessing the Bluetooth wireless technology is equally simple; after the push of a single button, you can pair and connect your smart phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth enabled-device, and begin wirelessly streaming your favorite music. All of these features are also available on the included fully functional remote.

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Although our color options will blend with most room décors, an optional customizable wood cabinet is available in a variety of real-wood veneer finishes to add a touch of elegance. There is also a matching Stereo Speaker available to transform Albergo+ into a compact stereo sound system.

Albergo+ is the perfect finishing touch to any hotel or guest room. When blending into existing furnishings and ease-ofuse are at the top of your requirements list, Albergo+ satisfies these needs and more.

Complete the Albergo experience
You can make your Albergo table radio truly your own by housing it in a beautiful Tivoli Audio wood cabinet made especially for the Albergo. Get to know all 80+ different design combinations.

The Albergo Wood Cabinet Kit contains everything you need to easily install your radio into the wood cabinet of your choice with only a screwdriver. The simple installation doesn’t require the radio itself to be disassembled. In a short period of time, without much effort, your Albergo radio will be transformed.

Every Albergo wood cabinet features a real-wood veneer and is hand-crafted to furniture-grade standards. Wood Cabinet Kits are also available for the optional Albergo Speaker.

Your Albergo table radio was designed to look stylish on its own, but for an even more elegant, customized presentation, the Albergo Wood Cabinet elevates your radio to the next level.

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187x111x110 mm
1,04 kg (without cabinet)
Remote Control
Headphone, AUX, extra stereo speaker