You can contact us for repairing and / or upgrading your existing sound system.

Hi-Fi devices have a long lifespan. They can easily last up to 30 years or more. But everything comes to an end, and hence the life of your amplifier, loudspeaker or other hifi equipment.

However, many of these devices can have a second life by carrying out a mid-term service or by obtaining a replacement part. Hifi Center Herteleer has its own technical service where repairs, maintenance and updates are performed to speakers, amplifiers, turntables and other devices. Furthermore, we can also rely on a highly experienced external technical service center for conducting repairs to hifi equipment.

How can you offer a repair?

You can bring your devices during the opening hours of our store, where our technician will review your complaint(s). Each device is repaired in consultation with you, our technician will contact you to give you an estimate of all the costs.