At Audio Limburg we only sell high quality products. All our products are picked out by ourselves and tested. Only when we are 100% satisfied, the product comes into our range. Therefore, we are not afraid to give 5 years warranty on these products.

The only thing you need to do as a customer to enjoy this 5 year guarantee, is to enroll for free in our customer club. A membership offers many advantages:

  • 5 year warranty on your purchases
  • 14 days right of return
  • You will receive a newsletter with our actions and all hifi novelties
  • exclusive offers


 Terms and Conditions


  1. Audio Limburg Extra Warranty ("Extra Warranty")

This additional warranty applies to products purchased through the online store of Audio Limburg and insofar as the customer is registered with the "customer club." During the period of membership the customer is entitled to use the extended warranty in these conditions AND with submission of the original proof of purchase of the Covered Equipment, if it meets the following conditions.

1.1. Extra Warranty duration

Audio Limburg extends the manufacturer's warranty period of its products and offers 3 years additional warranty without the total warranty period (warranty + Extended Warranty) exceeding more than 5 years. Moreover, you must use the (extended) warranty offered by the manufacturer before you can enjoy the extended warranty offered by Audio Limburg.

2. When Coverage Begins and Ends.

Coverage begins when you enroll in our 'customer club' and when the (extended) warranty offered by the manufacturer is completed. The coverage expires as soon as the 5-year period has been exceeded (starting from the date of order) and / or when the customer unsubscribes as a member of the customer club.

The terms of the additional period of three years, the original proof of purchase of your device and your membership at Audio Limburg's 'customer club' are all part of your service contract.


3. What is Covered?

3.1 Product Service

If during the Coverage Period, you submit a valid claim by notifying Audio Limburg that (i) a defect in materials and workmanship has arisen in the Covered Equipment, Audio Limburg will either (a) repair the defect at no charge, using new parts or parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability, or (b) exchange the Covered Equipment with a replacement product that is new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability, and is at least functionally equivalent to the original product. If Audio Limburg exchanges the Covered Equipment, the original product becomes Audio Limburg's property and the replacement product is your property with coverage for the remaining period of the Extended Warranty.

3.2 Covered Equipment 

All products sold in the online shop of Audio Limburg ( are covered by this Extended Warranty except as specified in paragraph 4 "What is not covered?".

3.3 Technical Support

During the Coverage Period, Audio Limburg will provide you with access to telephone and web-based technical support resources. Technical support may include assistance with installation, launch, configuration, troubleshooting, interpreting system error messages; and determining when hardware service is required.  

4. What is not Covered?

4.1 Product Service.

(i) The Extra Warranty does not apply to:

  1. Cables
  2. products with a market value below € 150 ex. VAT
  3. Products covered by a warranty period of 5 years by the manufacturer
  4. remotes
  5. adapters and power supplies
  6. second hand/ used equipment
  7. other supplied accessories

(ii) Installation, removal or disposal of the Covered Equipment, or the provision of equipment while the Covered Equipment is being serviced;

(iii) Damage caused by

 (a) a product that is not the Covered Equipment,

(b) accident, abuse, misuse, liquid contact, fire, earthquake or other external cause,

(c) operating the Covered Equipment outside the permitted or intended uses as described by the manufacturer in the user manual, technical specifications or other published guidelines for the Covered Equipment, or

(d) service (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone who is not a representative of Audio Limburg;

(IV) Covered Equipment with a serial number that has been altered, defaced or removed, or has been modified to alter its functionality or capability without the written permission of the manufacturer 

(V) Covered Equipment that has been lost or stolen. This Extra Warranty only covers Covered Equipment that is returned to Audio Limburg in its entirety;

(Vi) Cosmetic damage to the Covered Equipment including but not limited to scratches, dents and broken plastic;

(vii) Consumable parts, such as:

  1. Tubes, lamps and LED's
  2. (Accumulator) batteries
  3. Storage media
  4. Software
  5. Mechanical components
  6. Belts
  7. Needles / Styli
  8. liquids
  9. tapes
  10. CD's and vinyl 
  11. ….

(viii) Preventative maintenance on the Covered Equipment; or

(ix) Defects caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to normal aging of the product.

Furthermore, the Extended Warranty applies only to current devices. In the product list on the manufacturer's website you can see which models are current.


4.2 Technical Support.

The Extra Warranty does not include:

(i) Issues that could be resolved by upgrading software to the then current version;

(ii) Your use of or modification to the Covered Equipment in a manner for which it is not intended to be used or modified according to the manufacturer’s user manual, technical specifications or other published guidelines for the Covered Equipment;

(iii) Third-party products or their effects on or interactions with the Covered Equipment;

(iv) Damage to, or loss of any software or data residing or recorded on the Covered Equipment. Recovery and reinstallation of software programs and user data are not covered under this Plan.


5. How to Obtain Service and Support?

You may obtain product services and technical support by contacting Audio Limburg:

  • Tel.: +32 (0)89 35 79 19 OR +32 (0)13 69 99 63
  • Mail: klantendienst @ audiolimburg . com
  • Personal: Sint-Jorislaan 124, BE-3540 Schulen (Herk-de-Stad)

Keep the original sales receipt for your Covered Equipment as this document is required.


6. Product Service Options

6.1 Audio Limburg will at its option provide product  services through one or more of the following options: 

(i) Carry-in service. Carry-in service is available for most Covered Equipment. Return the Covered Equipment to a Audio Limburg retail store. Service will be performed at the location or Audio Limburg may send the Covered Equipment to an external repair service. Once you are notified that service is complete, you will promptly retrieve the Covered Equipment.

(ii) Onsite service. Onsite service is available if the location of the Covered Equipment is within 7 miles (10 kilometers) radius of a Audio Limburg retail store. If Audio Limburg determines that onsite service is available, they will dispatch a service technician to the location of the Covered Equipment. Service will be performed at the location, or the service technician will transport the Covered Equipment to a Audio Limburg retail store or external repair center for repair. If the Covered Equipment is repaired offsite, Audio Limburg will arrange for transportation of the Covered Equipment to your location following service. If the service technician is not granted access to the Covered Equipment at the appointed time, any further onsite visits may be subject to an additional charge.

(iii) Mail-in service. Direct mail-in service is available for most Covered Equipment. If Audio Limburgdetermines that your Covered Equipment is eligible for mail-in service, you will ship the Covered Equipment to a Audio Limburg retail store in accordance with Audio Limburg's instructions. Once service is complete, Audio Limburg will return the Covered Equipment to you. Audio Limburg will pay for shipping to and from your location if all instructions are followed and after service is completed.

6.2 You may be responsible for shipping and handling charges if the Covered Equipment cannot be serviced in the country where service is requested, you will comply with all applicable import and export laws and regulations and be responsible for all custom duties, V.A.T. and other associated taxes and charges. For international service, Audio Limburg may repair or exchange defective products and parts with comparable products and parts that comply with local standards.


7. Your Responsibilities 

To receive service or support under the Extended Warranty, you have to comply with the following:

(i) Provide a copy of the original sales receipt for your Covered Equipment If requested; 

(ii) Provide information about the symptoms and causes of the issues with the Covered Equipment;

(iii) Respond to requests for information, including but not limited to the Covered Equipment serial number, model, version of the operating system and software installed, any peripherals devices connected or installed on the Covered Equipment, any error messages displayed, actions taken before the Covered Equipment experienced the issue and steps taken to resolve the issue;

(iv) Follow instructions Audio Limburg gives you, including but not limited to refraining from sending products and accessories that are not subject to repair or replacement service and packing the Covered Equipment in accordance with shipping instructions;

(v) Update software to currently published releases prior to seeking service; and



8. Limitation of Liability 

8.1 Entire agreement

All warranties, conditions and other provisions that are not described in this service contract (oral, written, express and / or implied by statute or common law) are excluded from the extended warranty to the extent permitted by law.

To the extent that such warranties, conditions and other provisions can not be ruled out, they continue (to the extent permitted by law) be limited to the term of the Extended Warranty and, at the discretion of Audio Limburg, the support and service options that are above described in the sections "Technical support" and "Article 5.1".

 8.2 Disclaimer in connection with data:

Audio Limburg disclaims any statement and / or warranty in which Audio Limburg is able to repair or replace Covered Equipment under this Extended Warranty without risk and / or loss of information and / or data on the Covered Equipment are stored.

8.3 Limitation of Liability:

(i) Subject to paragraph ii) and iii) below and to the extent permitted by law, the maximum liability of Audio Limburg resulting from and / or connected with this Extended Warranty, whether based on contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise in respect of the execution or intended execution of this Extended warranty is limited to the supply (the cost of the warranty service chosen by Audio Limburg) of the support and service options that are described in the sections "Technical support "and" Article 5.1 ". 

(ii) In no case Audio Limburg is liable for:

a) loss of profits; whether

b) loss of business; whether

c) loss of goodwill and / or similar losses; whether

d) loss of anticipated savings; whether

e) loss of goods; whether

f) loss of contracts; whether

g) loss of use; whether

h) loss of or damage to data or information; whether

i) Any special, indirect or consequential damages or pure economic loss, costs, damages or expenses.

(iii) The provisions of paragraph i) and ii) above shall not apply to claims relating to death or personal injury, fraud or deceit and / or any other liability which can not be limited or excluded by law.


9. Cancellation

You may cancel this Extended Warranty at any time and for any reason. If you decide to cancel this Extended Warranty, please call Audio Limburg by phone +32 (0)89 35 79 19 or +32(0)13 69 99 63 or send or mail a written notice with a copy of your original sales receipt for your Covered Equipment at Audio Limburg, Sint-Jorislaan 51, BE-3540 Schulen (Herk-de-Stad); klantendienst @ audiolimburg . com. You can also cancel this Extended Warranty by deregistering from our 'customer club'.

Unless otherwise provided in applicable local legislation, Audio Limburg may cancel this Extended Warranty due to fraud or because of incorrect information. Unless otherwise provided in applicable local legislation, Audio Limburg is allowed to cancel the extended warranty if no service parts are available for the Covered Equipment.


10. Transfer of Extende Warranty

It is not allowed to transfer all your rights to the Extended Warranty to a third party.


11. Privacy

Audio Limburg will keep customer data and use it in accordance with the privacy policy, which you can consult on


12. General

  (i) No Audio Limburg reseller, agent, or employee is authorized to make any modification, extension, or addition to the terms of this service contract.

(ii) If any term is held to be illegal or unenforceable, it shall be severed from this service contract and the legality or enforceability of the remaining terms shall not be affected.

(iii) You agree that any information or data disclosed to Audio Limburg under this Extended Warranty is not confidential or proprietary to you.

(iv) You must register for the 'customer club' of Audio Limburg

(vi) The Extended Warranty is not offered to persons who have not reached the age of majority. This Extended Warranty is not available where prohibited by law.

(vii) This service contract is governed by and construed under the laws of Belgium and each party hereby submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Belgian courts.